terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011


01 - Ice Cold
02 - Rock Therapy
03 - Long Winding River
04 - Poor Man's Prison
05 - Cryin' Over You (Slow)
06 - Cryin' Over You
07 - Take 5
08 - Too Much Monkey Business
09 - Leavin' This Town
10 - Money Honey
11 - I Am What I Am
12 - Your Cheatin' Heart
13 - Heartaches By The Number
14 - I Met Her Today
15 - Proud Mary
16 - A Mess Of Blues
17 - Mona Lisa

Restless-Ghost Town 

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Anônimo disse...

Thanks but link not working

Anônimo disse...

link off velho...

Anônimo disse...

Hey man, you still working this blog?

Link for this still down

...Oh, don't bother, I'll hunt for this else where.

Sorry, just deleted your blog link ...have a nice day

Anônimo disse...

Okay, here's a rapidshare link. 128kbs but aok. Hunt for bigger bitrates if required (well, buy it if you love it)



guibilly disse...

the anonimous who posted the link: THANK YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anônimo disse...

Also Mediafire


Pistoleiro Billy disse...

Hey anonymous, thank you, I could not enter the blog these days because of my work, thank you for the links!

let's rock!